Thursday, March 13, 2008

Doing the Circuit

Sometimes it feels like an insurmountable chore to walk the dog. He could do the 5k but I am only up to the 1k. He needs his exercise which is also his life. He likes to sniff every lamppost and blade of grass and snarl at pedestrians. His focus is off the board.

I understand that he needs more walking time and I need to work on my goal of 'get more exercise'. So I have made a compromise. I walk him on my bike. Actually it's more like a trot for him.

I am completing my goal and he is having his fun time. We've had a couple of mishaps on this new journey. A squirrel darts in front of us and off he goes with me in tow. It's difficult keeping the bike in an upright position when my leader is doing a 45 degree turn at top speed.

We've encountered a couple of unleashed pets on our journey. One little mongrel caused scrapes and cuts to my bod and the owner said nothing. That day I pedaled home bleeding profusely from the elbow and left a trail for CSI.

Bumps are somewhat of a distraction. One bump caused me to connect with a wooden fence. All in all it's been a very interesting activity. Ronster gets his freedom and I am getting my exercise and the environment is getting a little fertilizer. During the ride when he has to go - he lets her rip and little piles of doo line the street. I don't stop. My bad.

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