Monday, March 31, 2008

Global Warming

It's over - done - feenished. The pool sports a new face lift. And to think it only took 5 months. Five months of frustration, setbacks and dry tears. Lessons I have learned from this - NEVER-EVER do this again. Life is easier when you hire stuff done by a professional or just a regular old handyman.

We have bright blue paint EVERYWHERE - on the tile floor inside the house, under my fingernails, on shoes, clothes, the outside wall, the pool ladder, the roof of the lanai - even the dog wears a blue tail. And remove this ever lasting paint -OH NO. Like the energizer bunny it keeps staying and staying. Paint thinner removes the surface layer of skin, scrub with soap and water and it turns rough and red but still the blue tinge pokes through.

It's over and I feel relief. Now the task of filling the pool with water rears its ugly head. How many times did it rain when the pool was a work in progress? Let me count the ways (times). Do I think it will rain now the pool is complete and ready to hold water. No way!!! I can see the water bill $$$$$.

What the pool project has done to my mind is represented in the photo. And I feel blessed that we have the only Monet inspired pool in my neighborhood and that we are the only fools that decided to resurface our own pool.

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