Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Lanny Langford - the Roemans

Last nite about 9:12 pm, I have this flashback to the teen years. It came out of nowhere just like the asterisk commercial. I was blindsided by the tumble down the turbulent tunnel of youth. My memory broke through in the still of the night. I was there - lying in bed watching a non-memorable program on T.V. and pop. There he was - my love of a thousand dreams ago.

I think I was a groupie. I went every weekend to see this band and the lead singer who caused me endless sleepless nights. My idols of lost youth and immaturity.

His name just jumped out of my brain. Why? I don't have a clue. My synapses were overloaded? Or misfiring? So I did what I usually do when I get a brain fart. I GOOGLED his name. Lanny Langford. I found much more than I anticipated.

I opened up an obituary. How sad. My youth inspired hero was dead - at 24. And he attended the high school where I live right now. How bizarre is that? A fallen hero - a lost youth - an innocence shattered.


My second site brought me to the band - The Roemans. I then remembered I purchased their record. Yes a 45 record. Oh, haven't seen that in a while. What caused my memory to revert back? Why at that moment in time? And to find out he lost his life at such a tender age. My mind is telling me something - what I don't know? For now - I will just be happy to walk through the past with my memories of growing up and exploring my boundaries.


The Florida garage band - who knew?


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