Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Airstreams & Airplanes

So, I'm driving down Interstate 4 towards Orlando and out of the corner of my eye I see silver statues. I get a little closer and they are not statues but Airstream trailers. Shiny and silver and pointing their taillight's to the sky.

They are firmly planted into the landscape of I-4. I read about them in the paper and the fact that they were causing traffic congestion and accidents. So I pulled over to get a good shot.

The zoning board is on the outs with the owner and very soon I suppose they will disappear from the landscape. Another Florida attraction bites the dust or dirt.
Travel down the road a little and you come to a HUGE airplane that's been there for a very long time. Apparently it's okay for airplanes to grace the landscape but not trailer trash.
I have an extra couch and perhaps I should partially bury it in my front yard..LOL...see how the homeowners association likes that.

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