Sunday, April 6, 2008

How To Win The Lottery

Do you want to become an OVERNIGHT millionaire?

Do you want to have money just slipping through your greasy hands?

Do you want to tell your 'BOSS' to take this job and shove it?

Do you want to spend the greenbacks like there is no tomorrow?

Well - - - here is your chance to do all of the above and more.

Take a luxury vacation - buy a boat - several cars - a house or three - wine and dine your relatives - well, maybe not that. By winning the lottery you have financial freedom for a few years or a long long time.

To WIN THE LOTTERY - you need a plan. My EASY plan can be purchased for only $39.99. Wow only $39.99 to become a millionaire. This months special brings the price down to $9.99. Follow my three easy steps to become rolling in the green.

I have so many testimonials that there is NO space for them on this blog - so - just take my word for this great money making opportunity. Live a life of decadence.

And if you order today I will send you my 3 easy steps on how to win the lottery for FREE. Yes - FREE. How great is that. I will even go one step further and place the three easy steps on how to win the lottery - right here on this blog. Become a winner!!!!

How to win the lottery in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. - You know all that spare change (usually pennies ) you see lying on the sidewalks - in the streets and in the bottom of the dryer - well pick them up! Sometimes you may even come across a dime or the motherload quarter. Place all this found cash in a container - a chipped cup works fine and place it on the nightstand. Soon - depending on how good your eyes are - you will have accumulated $1.00.

Step 2. - Take this change directly to the convenience store and purchase a lottery ticket. Then sit back and wait and wait and perhaps wait some more. While you are waiting continue to collect spare change and place in your chipped cup sitting on your nightstand. Soon, you will have another $1.00 and can purchase another winning lottery ticket.

Step 3. - Keep your eye on the prize. Keep collecting that found change and keep buying your winning lottery tickets. It's not in winning the game but how you go about winning that really counts. The anticipation is tremendous.

Testimonial !!!!!

From ME. I have been using this technique for years and it will work. I'm sure of it. I will purchase a winning ticket with this collection of errant change any day now. The best part of this whole scheme is you are using someone else's money - no money out of your pocket. How Kool is that? You can become a Richie Rich.

Start today - waste no time - use my 3 easy steps on "How To Win The Lottery."

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