Sunday, April 13, 2008

Water Hyacinths

I was in desperate need of water Lillie's - any kind would do. I set out to my favorite hunting ground. I hid my plastic bag in the waist of my sweats. I searched the banks for the elusive water lilies. There were none. Lots of green slime across the water but no floating hyacinths.

Since I am never one to give up (occasionally) I headed for the boating area to continue my search. My koi and my turtles were depending on this mission to be successful. Goldie is almost ready to explode and if the babies have no place to hide they will be eaten. It's a tuff world out there. And the new turtle habitat needs some water landscaping and places for Cracker and Romeo to hide.

I walk over the foot bridge that leads to the bog area. The boardwalk meanders through the marsh. I notice the signs 'Do not Feed or Molest the Alligators'. I just want my water Lillie's. So many people wandering around -why don't they stay home. They are interfering with my mission.

I spot one. Floating lazily in the murky water right next to the 'Alligator Warning' sign. It's beyond my reach. Mr. Wonderful (hubby) searches for an instrument to reach the Lillie. He is so great. He reaches over the murky water and grabs a broken limb. Plop, there goes his sunglasses like an anchor the drop to the bottom.

Somewhere - someday I will see an alligator sporting a pair of Ray bans. Hubby grabs the limb from the murky water. We proceed to a quiet spot to look for water Lillie's. I see one not too far from the boardwalk. Hubby reaches out with his limb and snags the Lillie. I am on the look out for gators and the park ranger.

He gets it. Wow, she's a beauty. I watch for water movement. All is still in the bog. It must be nap time for the gators. I see another one and point to it. I can't yell and draw attention to what we are doing. Hubby bends down and pokes the limb through the railings on the boardwalk. Ker plunk - off goes his hat and it floats away.

He reaches the water Lillie pokes it with his limb and pulls her to shore. I keep an eye out for water ripples and park rangers. Neither can be seen. We watch the hat sink slowly to the bottom of the swamp.

I am feeling good about my harvest so off we go back to the car. I am satisfied and my fishies and turtles will be happy campers.

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