Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Lottery Winner

I won - I won. I just can't believe it. Well I do believe it because I followed my own easy steps to win. The thrill - the excitement is wonderful. I followed the three easy steps.
1. I picked up money (mostly pennies) in the road, on the sidewalks and a few in ponds.
2. I place my found money on my bedside table in a lovely chipped ceramic mug.
3. When my pot reached $1.00 - I ran (drove) down to the convenience store on the corner and purchased my winning ticket.

So now I am my own testimonial. It works!!! And it can work for you also. My 3 easy steps can be obtained directly from this site for FREE. Just follow my simple plan and YOU can become a Lottery Winner. Someone's got to win - so why not YOU and ME.

I vow not to end up like some of those lottery winners whose life is in shambles after they win. They spend the money with no regard to the future. It just slips through there shaky hands like a snow cone melting in the summer.

I will think before I spend my windfall - and try not to spend it all at once or in the same place. This may be difficult. I know the value of money. I've been without it for so long I can really appreciate the green.

I am concerned about paying taxes on my win. I may not even report my win. So how will I spend this loot? I guess I will run (drive) back to the convenient store - hand in my precious winning ticket and ask for the payout in 4 more lottery tickets. The remaining 50 cents will be placed in my chipped ceramic mug that sits stoically by my bed.

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