Saturday, April 19, 2008


Lots of attention in Texas concerning the Polygamous-sect children ordered to stay in Texas custody and the children. I could not live a life this way. The mind control is so evident. Just look at those dresses and those hairdo's. Mrs. Bundy (Peg) - move over. And I thought Al was bad.

I bet you can't even choose the color you like the best for your figure flattering dress. Then, you don't have to worry searching through your closet for something to wear.

The main focus is the children and it should be. But what are they feeling being snatched from their family? How would I feel? How would you feel?

I contemplate whirled peas, local gangs, the price of gas and house foreclosures. Does this sect ever have to worry about that? What goes on inside their heads? Do they use the Internet?

I truly would like to know what they think, feel and who the worship. And WHY?

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