Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sleep Deprivation

Sleeping or lack thereof is infringing upon my life and my well being. I used to be able to go to sleep at the drop of a hat and get up at the crack of dawn. I didn't even need to hear that rooster crow. What gives? Why is my internal sleeping mode gone wack?

Is it an age thing? Seniors complain mucho about their sleeping habits? I'm not near the senior level but perhaps I am an early learner? A mattress thing? Recently I purchased a new memory foam mattress pad. Couldn't afford the new bed so I settled for the pad. It's comfy.

Still going to bed at my usual time. I am getting more exercise. The dog has stopped asking to go out four times a night so I do not have that to deal with. But still I wake up almost every hour. For what?

Am I stressed? Over worked? Underpaid? YES - yes - and yes - but always have been. What's going on?

I found this great site but I'm too tired to read it, maybe tomorrow.

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