Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I am Exposed

When we connect to the WWW we expose our underbelly to the world. The most vulnerable part of our existence on view for the masses. It's much like running down Main Street in nothing but your birthday suit. And some of those birthday suits you don't want to see. Our life, our loves our thoughts and desires are hung out to dry like dirty laundry. Then, the whispers and occasionally shouts spill forth into our space.

Our pride, our feelings our integrity has been assaulted by judgemental individuals. They stand up and shout and bastercise us. Like a chocolate bar on the car dash in the summer - it's melting and our almonds are exposed to a hostile environment.

So if we choose to parade down Main Street buck necked (could be illegal in some places) we have made that decision. Some may not approve our desire to be ourselves and to share our most sacred aspects of our life to the world. Then there are freako, psycho wacko's that thrive on our most precious moments in time and take it to the underworld of perverseness and darkness.

Cry and you cry alone (sometimes true) and share and you let everyone touch your inner sensitivity.

Paddle your own canoe, row your own boat, drive in the slow lane, break the rules, follow that distant drumbeat and spread your wings for support. Be true to who you are.

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