Monday, April 14, 2008

Human Footprint

I watched the 'Human Footprint', last night and I knew it would be a little depressing and full of guilt. It was. During a commercial I jumped up and searched through the trash to pick out the soda cans to be recycled.

What worried me the most was the amount of stuff and food THEY used to get the point across. The producerer stated they did not want to use animation - it needed to be real. So the gallons of milk bothered me even though they used water instead of milk for the scene. Okay - but what about all those cartons that were used? Did they go to a landfill? What about all the water inside the cartons? What purpose did the water serve?

The thousands of bananas dropped on the floor and smashed was another sore spot. They showed donating the bananas to a pig farm. Hmmm - is this why I have to pay 69 cents a pound now for bananas when just a few months ago they were 49 cents a pound? Supply and demand?

It was very interesting. But as a consumer I have little control how items are packaged and sold. Have you ever opened a package of Prilosec? The amount of cardboard for one tiny pill is unbelievable. How about placing some of this responsibility on the manufactures.

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