Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Butter Me Up

I was out of butter and ketchup so I made a quick trip to the grocery store. $74.00 later I had my butter and ketchup and a few more items. Actually the cart was almost overflowing. It would have been cheaper to fill my car with gas.

I did my weekly grocery shopping on Sunday and today is Tuesday - so where have all the flowers gone? Feeding a teenager is expensive and coping with their emotions is another story in another time.

So why oh why did I even grab hold of that cart and cruise through the aisles? I needed two items -I have two hands. Simply math. I'm not good at math. And why does the store make everything so irresistible? And I do stay on the outside perimeter to get healthy food items.

I did forget the dish washer detergent. That's another trip and I see the dollar signs floating past me. I promise the next time I need one or two items I will march in single handedly and pick up one or two items and leave the cart rammed into that SUV in the parking lot.

I will shop painlessly/panelessly from now on.

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