Friday, April 11, 2008

Wetsuit Wussies

The pool has been filled with water - cold water. The solar heater has been repaired but there is NO pool cover. I hear the sounds enticing me into the water. I dip my toe and and FEEL the cold. The thermometer says 78 degrees. BBBRRRRR. I prefer when the temperature hits 85 degrees.

Working in the yard has made me all hot, sticky, sweaty and smelly. The pool she calls my name. I check the thermometer and the temperature has reached 79 degrees. I have to take the plunge - I can no longer resist.

I go inside and search out the bathing suit, slip it on and walk outside. Then, the light bulb pops on inside my head. I return to the house and remove the suit and replace it with a wetsuit. Yep, a full body cover to keep me warm.

I do a belly flop right in the deep end. The cold shock on my face is not so bad and the rest of me is warm and fuzzy. I swim around the pool dressed for the deep ocean and enjoy the solitude. Within minutes hubby joins me dressed in his wetsuit. A couple of wetsuit wussies.

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