Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hitchcocks muse

I watched Alfred Hitchcock's - The Birds last night for the gazillionth time. I have always wondered - Why did those birds attack? We never find out and that creeps me out a bit. For days after watching the movie birds seem to spook me.

Today when I go for my walk I will be searching the treetops for wacko birds. I will stay away from schoolyards with playgrounds, small towns with a bar/cafe, birthday parties, farms, bays and telephone booths.

Then, I wondered why Tippi's hair was always so perfect - even after being attacked by dozens of crazed birds her beehive did stay intact. Perhaps it was in her contract - not to muss up the hair - might make her look bad. Stars certainly don't want a bad hair day.

So today will be my - Beware of Birds day - thanks Al.

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