Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Summer in Florida

It's that time in Florida that I like the least. The onset of summer. She's slowly slipping in rolling across the dried burnt grass of my front lawn. It crunches as you walk across it. It's even more than just the heat - it's the dreaded humidity.

You walk around with your clothes dripping wet from sweat clinging to your body like over cooked noodles. You feel sticky, smelly and bloated. Walking down a sidewalk you can feel the heat rising as if it comes from the fires of hell. It jumps up and smacks you hard in the face taking away your breathe. Your rubber soled shoes sticking to the sidewalk like tasteless discarded gum.

And this is merely the beginning of the summer saturation. Just a fraction of what will be coming during the full force of the summer months. I'm wishing I was a snowbird so I could head north looking for a little relief from the heat and oppressive humidity. I'm thinking about spending another summer living in the pool - not such a bad idea. Anything to escape the heat and humidity. After awhile the pool water is as hot as the air and relief is nowhere around. Then shelter is sought inside air conditioned buildings where the summer days are wasted away - waiting for cooler weather.

I wonder what it was like in Florida before air conditioners? Wait!! I grew up in Florida. We had NO air conditioner and not even a fan. WOW! How did I survive? I certainly don't remember the heat and humidity but then I was a kid. Having fun - enjoying life - no worries. How strange that our memories change over time. More than likely as I hit the rocking chair stage I will be wrapped up in my sweater whining that I'm cold.

Heading for a dip in the pool to start my day.

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