Sunday, May 9, 2010

Rules is Rules

According to the rules of the home owners association we are not permitted to place outside structures in our backyard. Rules are rules and I do not always like them. I do try to abide by the rules - sometimes. Anyway - houses in Florida do not have basements and they have very minuscule attics. The two car garage takes the brunt of the overflow of junk.

What happens when your garage hits the full mark? You put up one of those Rubbermaid storage shed. They are not permanent so they cannot fall into the category of an outside shed. HA. A way around the rules.

Recently I discovered there were critters living in my outdoor non-permanent shed. The droppings said - more than a mouse. Rats. Citrus rates. I don't know why because I have never had any citrus on my citrus trees. Whatever! They had to go. How?

Yesterday we bought have-a-heart trap. To remove said trespassers from my plastic shed that during a hurricane will most likely land in the next cul-de-sac - without tenants.

So my thoughts are - when I do capture one of these furry disgusting rodents in my have-a-heart trap - WHAT then? I have an unwanted live rat. I want him dead but I caught him in a have-a-heart trap. The name implies that he should live. But I don't want him living here.

Still waiting to catch one of those little rascals but when I do - what to do?

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