Saturday, May 1, 2010

Out the In

There is something inherently wrong with people that go out the 'IN'. Can you not read? I suspect you can but I suspect you feel that you can do whatever because it is owed to you. Follow the rules. If it says 'IN' it means 'IN' not 'OUT'.
Just the other day when I was going 'IN' the grocery store with my cart which leaves little room for anything else - there you are coming out my 'IN' space. It's like a violation of my space. And then when you leave the parking lot you drive against the arrows. Get a life - or perhaps I should get a life and not pay attention to those that go out the 'IN'.
On the thought of 'IN' - I have these two lovely creatures that are displayed right next to my 'IN' door at home. I don't have the sign that says 'IN' but it's still 'In'. And I can still go out but that's okay because it is not a public place. So there be the difference - whatever....
Back to my creatures - my beautiful colorful creatures - with the stoned looking eyes. They are from one of my favorite places - Key West. Everytime I go 'In' my front door there they are to greet me and remind me of Key West. They also look like the folks that one sees at Key West. Such an interesting place. I bet people there don't go out the 'IN'.

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