Sunday, May 2, 2010

People of Walmart

The people of Walmart site is a good site to troll when you are feeling like you need and uplift or a rip roaring laugh.
I only go to Walmart in the wee hours in the morning - to avoid rifraf and other strange oddities. Well, apparently I did not go early enough this morning. They were out in droves. I was sure wishing I had my camera to catch a few photo's of the parade of lowlife. I really don't know what else to call them?
The next time I make an early morning run to my local Walmart I will go in my jammies with fuzzy HUGE slippers my muffin top showing to the whole wide world and my jammies hanging well below my hips to show off my thong undies if in fact I wear them that day. I will dye my hair rainbow colors my boobs will be down to my waist without a bra and they will be a size 42 DDD. Enough of the visual.

One day I will walk into Walmart in my jammies just for the fun of it. Well - maybe not but I can fantasize or actually have nightmares during the day.
Why do they do it? There should be a law against it but then I guess they are expressing their creativity.

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