Monday, May 10, 2010

Flexibility is the key

So today was sweetiekins birthday and yesterday was Mother's Day. Is there a connection? Yes, of course everything I think about is connected one way or another.
I decided to get snookums a birthday cake and take it to his work and surprise him. I got up early - forfeited the morning shower - took a bath instead. No time to dry my hair. I prefer showers but what the hay it was his special day.
Off I go to the grocery store and it doesn't open till 8 AM. Darn - can't wait that long. So I drive miles and miles out of my way - actually not that far but who's counting.
I price the premade birthday cakes and right then and there I go into birthday cake sticker shock. Okay - is he worth it? Well, he is but my pocketbook is telling me another story. I'm wandering around the store working on only one cup of coffee and I spy it. Mother's Day cakes.
It's not that I'm cheap - okay - I am but I have good reasons to be like that. The big sign by the Mother's Day cakes says 50% off. My kind of bargain. I snatched one of those suckers right off the shelf. 'MOM' in big bold white artery clogging frosting.
I take my prized purchase out to the car and ever so gently lift the plastic dome and attack 'MOM'. Rearrange is a better choice of words. I make the M into an R, the O is fine and the last M into a B. Looks a little cheesy but I like cheese cake.
I drive to his work and drop off his surprise and drive away with this HUGE smile on my face. He will never know.

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