Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Trails To You

The road of life is not always the straight and narrow, filled with flowers and sunshine and happy ever after. Sometimes it detours into the unknown - the unwanted - and the not so happy trails. Which sends my mind back to Roy Rogers and Dale Evans when they sang the song - 'Happy Trails'. My mind tends to wander aimlessly at times.

Anyway this path of life that has turned left filled with excessive speed bumps, dead ends and oh so many pot holes has gotten me - lost in paradise. But on the bright side of the moon pot holes eventually can be filled they just raise your taxes. Take it slow over the speed bumps - like a turtle. When the dead end hits you head on - turn around and turn right - if the sign says no right turns - just wait till you have the opportunity to make an illegal right turn.

Yesterday I purchased a pack of wild flower seeds to plant along my curvy path. It's Florida so the sun will shine and the rain may come in the late afternoon. But my wild flower seeds will need the rain to grow and blossom and bring me renewed hope. And if life was so perfect what would we have to complain about?

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