Thursday, May 13, 2010

Noli Irritare Leones

Some days it is just easier staying in your hole as opposed to crawling out to the outside world and facing reality. The bite of reality hurts. Trying to stay positive is an uphill struggle pulling a thousand pound boulder behind you. You could push the boulder but that might make it even harder. You could push the boulder over the rocky cliff - but wait you are attached to the thousand pound boulder.

I suppose you could get a pick axe and chip away at the boulder but that would take way too long. Blisters would appear on your hands, your shoulders would ache and the heat in Florida could bring on heat exhaustion.

What to do with that thousand pound boulder tugging at your existence?

Perhaps - stand on top of it and sing, laugh and dance a jig. Then the people in the white coats would come and take you away - hey - hey. But first they would need to remove the thousand pound boulder and the insurance may not cover the bill and then you would be up THAT creek without a paddle and a life vest and the river would be over populated with gators and water moccasins. It just goes on and on.


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