Friday, May 7, 2010

Ring tones

Ring...ring. The sound phones make and the sound some cell phones make. I have always been not exactly happy with my cell phone free choice of ringers just accepting - I guess.

Paying money for a ring tone on my cell phone seems bizarre to me. Probably because I'm cheap. So I take only what is offered to me by my cell phone service provider. Then, the whole process of trying to download a ring tone to my cell phone would push me over the edge. That's what happens when one is electronically challenged.

Today while driving in the car to work (almost done - summer is almost here) listening to the radio I heard this ring. I reach over to grab my cell phone before I realize it's a song on the radio. And my cell phone doesn't even have a song ring tone.

I can imagine what would happen if I had one of the top ten tunes as a ring tone. I'd be talking to nobody alot. Perhaps I am ring tone deaf. Or perhaps my mind was wandering aimlessly. Unfortunately that happens to me quite often.

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