Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tank the Turtle

The second day of my new life

I had a great sleep in my soft and snuggly burrow. I felt safe and secure and the night light my new humans left on for me gave me comfort. After such a rest full night in my new digs I came back to the surface. I know the humans were worried that I would suffocate so I needed to show them I am not a baby. And I am almost big enough to take care of myself. Not that I am all that big - not much bigger than the large silver coins that humans use. Instinct is inside me and they need to understand that about me. I have decided not to be a cry baby.
So, I peak out into the new world and there she is just standing there with a distressed look on her face. I popped my head through the nice soft black dirt and looked straight on at her. This big smile spread across her face and I think she was starting to be a cry baby herself. How strange is that? A human crying because they are happy. I wonder if she knows that I am happy without shedding any tears.
I’m feeling brave and adventurous so I crawl under the huge shell in my new home and turn my head and watch her. She spritzes me with a mist of water and it feels so refreshing. I notice fresh fruits and vegetables in my food dish. This is going to be a good gig. I still miss my old home but I am adjusting to this new environment.
Time for me to go back ‘down under’: It’s not that I don’t want to stay topside it’s just my comfort level is beneath the soil. The darkness eases a little and my eyes adjust to my small burrow and then amazingly out of the corner of my right eye – I spy a movement. I sniff the air. I’m a good smeller. As a matter of fact I know my dad is nearby just waiting for me to get big and join him. A long pinkish thing is wiggling into my burrow. Yehaw – it’s an earth worm. Breakfast buffet at Tiffany’s.

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