Thursday, May 20, 2010

Farewell Ron

Ron the Ronster man died today. It happened so fast - no time to think. It's even hard to type with the stream of tears water falling down my face. I will miss him so and there will be this huge empty space inside of me.
To send him off to his happy hunting ground I wrapped him in my slightly torn Egyptian cotton 650 thread count sheets - after all he did love them so. Every chance he got he would jump up on our bed and roll around. He left behind tell tale black fur on the bed.
Life will be different without the big old bear always under foot - always wanting to play or going for a swim in the pool, chase squirrels or the cat - but mostly I shall miss his unconditional love that he offered for just a dog biscuit or to play catch with his toys.
Oh the memories to be held onto and talked about!!!
Good-bye Ron.

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