Sunday, May 16, 2010

My lovely and very expensive Egyptian cotton sheets - 650 thread count - have bit the dust. The whole thing started when my toe got stuck in the darn thing. I gave it a yank and it made a tiny little tear in my wonderful Egyptian cotton 650 thread count - expensive sheets.

After I spent all that money on them babies I wasn't going to let a tiny little tear ruin my life. So I ignored the little imperfection. My insomnia causes me to toss and turn and wiggle like a worm. I suspect all that wiggling made that tiny little tear grow into a much larger tear. The tear became a foot sized tear. So on one of my sleepless nights my entire size 8 foot got stuck in the tiny tear that had grown to a bigger tear.

It was all down hill from there or down off the bed onto the floor would be more accurate. I'm trying desperately to get a half of a good nights sleep when the foot became tear bound. Half asleep means half awake and a little confused. In my dream a giant anole grabbed my foot and began to tug away. I kicked and rolled to remove myself from his death grip and fell right off the edge of the bed which in my dream was the edge of a cliff and wham.

The sheet or the tattered remains of the sheet came with me still attached to the size 8 foot - it's a dream so let's make that a size 6 foot! Actually it was a dream come to life when I hit the floor attached to an Egyptian cotton 650 thread count, very expensive sheet. So the fall of the Egyptian empire was wrapped around my size 6 foot - well the dream is gone so we are back to a size 8 foot.

New sheets were on the agenda. I clipped my coupon and headed for the store and went straight to the clearance rack. No more Egyptian cotton 650 thread count - expensive sheets for me. But OH! they feel so wonderful. This time I purchased cotton sateen sheets. We will see if they help my insomnia - my dreams - and my life in general.

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