Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gator man

The sleepy little Florida town of New Port Richey has made it to the big time. We've been in all the papers and this morning we were on the Today Show. Amazing. As some would say but not I.
The story is about an alligator wrestler - who does this in public before the eyes of the world. Unfortunately this alligator wrestler was injured during the performance. He was air lifted to a local hospital.
My disgust with this performance in alligator wrestling is right up there next to dog fighting. A person takes a wild animal keeps it captive in a cage and wrestles with the poor creature in a 'performance'. Is this gator frightened? Humiliated? I am.
It just seems so wrong to do this to wild creatures. What's the point? Make a little money off of animal cruelty and it is animal cruelty. But it made news for the sleepy little Florida town of New Port Richey. I would rather we make national news in a more productive and pleasant atmosphere.

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