Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To spend or not to spend, that is the question?

I heard this confusing news blurb this morning on the television. Why I listen to this doom and gloom is beyond my common sense. Then, my common sense is not so common if I have any at all. "Whatever", is what the t-shirt states.
Some newsworthy person said, "We need to spend money to gain more jobs." So is spending a viable profession? If it is I want that job. SPEND, SPEND, SPEND. I would even work overtime for free. My first interview question would be, "How much money can I spend a day?" And then my thoughts would be where is this money coming from. Common sense goes under the rug.
Would someone or the government please explain to me how spending more money will create jobs? Is standing on the corner with the cardboard sign - "Homeless" a real job or just an illusion? How can this person spend more money? If you have no money to spend how can you spend more? I am so confused.
And how is all this spending more money creating new jobs? And where are these jobs being created? I am math challenged so my mind does not accept this strange concept. One station tells us to tighten our belts and clip coupons another says save money and invest and today I hear we need to spend.
Oh, the light bulb just went on (energy efficient light bulb) and I see the light. Wait that could be the sun rising in the West. Funny, I thought it rose in the East. Oh, it's the neighbor's headlights as he drives off to work. Pull t-shirt over my head - "Whatever". Back to the light bulb and my brain fart. The jobs that will be created for all that spending will be Bill Collectors and Bounty Hunters and more reality T.V.

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