Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who Let The Dogs Out?

We had a superb dog walking plan or so I thought. We are responsible doggie owner/walkers and always pick up after our pup. Not like some that I will not mention but you know who you are. Even when you let him out at 3 AM I see.

We keep the big guy walking fast especially past those green-green lawns. There is one strange dude that stands on the sidewalk every evening when so many walk their dogs just waiting for someone to pee or do the two on his thick lush green carpet. We cross the street and stay away from his domain to be safe. He yelled at us once when the big guy dropped a bomb on the easement even though we picked it up.

So, we keep him on a tight leash so he doesn't get any ideas. When we get to the fourth corner of our neighborhood we ease up on the leash. The stop sign is his first favorite. Then the bench 20 feet away gets sprayed upon. The really, really good thing about the corner and the bench is there is this great big old county trash can. We have trained the big guy to drop his bombs in close proximity of the bench. There is nothing worse than carry a bag of smelly dog doo for a mile and a half.

He does his business by the bench and hubby (his job :)) picks up the remains and tosses them in the great big old county trash can. The one that sits on Regency Parkway right at the bus stop. Oh boy would I hate to wait for the bus there. Sometimes the trash is only emptied once a week.

For some unknown reason big boy is straying way too far from the bench to complete his business. Our options are to walk all the way back to the trash can or carry the mess all the way home. It seems like big boy has his own agenda and schedule and will not be swayed. If he keeps it up he will get no more walks.

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