Friday, March 6, 2009


Barbie is in the news again just before her 50th birthday. It seems that Trailer Trash Barbie (yes, there was one) is getting tattooed. She comes with her own tattoo's and young girls can tattoo their Barbie. Maybe Barbie can have a 'tramp stamp' placed on her lower regions.
Give the girl a break and let her have her tattoo. She's had every other career in her lifetime and at 50 her skin is not sagging so what harm can a tattoo do? Some say it will harm the young girls that care for Barbie. Warp them and make them feel unwanted, used and anorexic. We've already exposed children to so much junk what difference does a doll with outrageous proportions and tattoos make on society?
I had a Barbie and I still have self esteem and so do both of my girls. It's a doll not a gun. We sell temporary tattoo's for young children all the time. At fairs we promote face painting. Leave Barbie alone! Stop picking on her. Criticise a slinky.

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