Friday, March 27, 2009

Quizno's Torpedo - sinks

Last night the refrigerator was near empty and I didn't feel like fixing anything for dinner. It was a rough week at work and my insomnia was rearing its ugly head once again. What to do for dinner? Fast or go without? No way!
Lately I have seen these advertisements on television for Quizno's new 'torpedo' sub sandwich. They look so 'cute'. Yes, I do think the little sub looked 'cute'. My mind works in strange ways. In the mail I received a flyer and a coupon for this new 'cute' looking sub. It lay untouched on the kitchen counter for at least a week. And then when I finally decide to splurge and purchase this 'cute' little torpedo sub the coupon is MIA.
I complained to hubby about my missing coupons and he had no response. Someone who cannot be named retrieved the coupons out of the trash. Hint, hint, it 'werenot' me.
So off we go to have a quick fix at Quizno's and try out their 'cute' little 'torpedo' sub. Woe is me as disappointment washes over me. It was 'cute' almost too 'cute' to devour. But, I did just that and after it was devoured I had wondered what I ate. The meat or lack thereof was sliced like tracing paper. I'm sure you have seen how thin and transparent tracing paper is. The torpedo was kind of long and the meat had difficulty covering the bun. A lot of difficulty. I did have lots of lettuce and mustard. The taste was like eating the cardboard box that houses my animal crackers. Actually the box that held my 'cute' little animal crackers was tastier than the torpedo. Cardboard has lots of fiber - if you are wondering.
So 'cute' is not always the best meal. Live and learn. Don't be suckered into those ads that portray foods as 'cute'. Then perhaps it is me and my quirky mind that perceives food as 'cute'.

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