Sunday, March 22, 2009

Imperfect Order

Hubby and I have been having this discussion, issue, family chat or whatever one calls a family dispute. You know (I hate that phrase 'you know') about the dishwasher - no less. We are not into solving world peace or the economy blight but our discussion includes - how to place silverware in the dishwasher. To be more specific - does one place the sharp knives up or down.
I am a well documented klutz. It's an art that I take seriously and perform it with absolutely no grace. If I had the lead role of the dancing swan I would surely trip and break a bone without even trying, fall off the edge of the stage or have the chandelier fall on me. That's me. Sharp objects should be kept away from me at all costs.
Hubby knows my talents but still insists that the sharp knives go pointy side up inside the dishwasher. He says when they are placed in the down position (not as lethal to me) they cut into the plastic utensil container. So what! Who cares? This is my life and body parts I am worrying about. Sharp objects and me do not see eye to eye. Once I removed the entire part of a finger with garden shears and they weren't even sharp. It hurt! Another time I shut my hand in the side gate and lost another portion of my skin and cells. It hurt! The list goes on and on and I have the scars to prove my inability to do normal tasks. I try to stay away from sharp objects.
So I have poked myself numerous times placing the knifes in the upright position in the dishwasher. I have decided not to follow his rules with pointy side facing my fingers. He whines and complains about how I am damaging the appliance. It's a piece of plastic - almost worthless. But me and my body parts are fragile and when injured quite expensive.
So I buckled the other day and followed his rule of lethal weapons pointing upward. My third finger on the right hand is now sporting a very large band aid to cover a 2 inch slice on my finger. It hurts! It is ironic that the injured finger is the middle finger and I show the injured digit to hubby at least once an hour.

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