Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Barbie

Barbie has hit the big five 0. And she looks fabulous. Still has her man, Ken and he still looks pretty good. I have heard that Barbie and Ken tied the knot but the depends on who you ask. My Barbie married her long time lover Ken and had many children. She always retained her girlish or perhaps goolish figure.
After all these years her breasts are still perky, pointy and extremely large. Her pencil size waist no hips (even after all those kids) and mile long legs without varicose veins are still shapely like a 20 year old. She has never,ever had botox or a face lift. And those to die for lashes surrounding her bright beady eyes. Her hair style has changed throughout the years according to her profession or lack of a profession. My Barbie stayed home occasionally and wore a checkered apron.
My Barbie was also physically active: although her activities were always done in high heeled shoes. She never had a bicycle or a car until my oldest daughter was old enough to appreciate and enjoy a Barbie. And then she lived in a huge motor home. She wore boots and fringed jackets and was stuffed naked under the back seat of a red Vega station wagon.
When my younger daughter came along Barbie did not fare so well. She received many, many bad haircuts from an unprofessional hair stylist. The scissors my daughter used were not very sharp. She was beheaded, stuck with pins and tattooed with black permanent markers. My Little Pony fared better than Barbie. Strange how life is - now my younger daughter is a Barbie version herself. I wonder if she remembers how she desecrated the ever so popular Barbie?
Happy Birthday Barbie - you have survived and still live on as no other out of portion doll ever has. You need your own red carpet a tiara and a place in the Guiness book of record.

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