Friday, March 13, 2009

Call Me Anytime

I had a few issues today with my cell phone. I tried to make a call from my 'selected friends' and an android voice came on and said, "Thank you for using Verizon Wireless." Strange as it may seem, I do not have Verizon Wireless. It then stated the number I had dialed was not a working number. Strange as it may seem it was hubby's number. I know for a fact that it is his number and it should be working. I call the Sprint customer service number and it flashes as not activated.
I have a couple of thoughts - 1. I forgot to pay the bill 2. Verizon bought Sprint and no one told me 3. My NEW phone was defective and I did not pay extra for the insurance so I am out of luck. 4. I am dreaming or have just came out of a deep sleep and have amnesia.
I called my sister who also has Sprint and the call went right through and she resides in a different state. I called several other people Sprint and non-Sprint customers and all the calls went through.
I dialed hubby's number again and the android spoke to me in her alien tongue and said to please dial a 1 before the number. I physically moved around trying to make a connection. I went outside sat in the car, walked down the road and stood on the picnic table. ??? I thought being higher would help. It did not!!!! At this point in time after numerous tries I gave up.
I stopped by the Sprint store to seek answers to my dilemma. Of course I had to wait and wait and wait. Such a busy place? The clerk said, "Oh it's just a glitch in the system."
Apparently that is the answer to so many problems. I wonder if I did not pay my bill and said, "Oh it's a glitch in the system." How fast would they turn my phone off. Quick-quick-quick!!!!

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