Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Soul Searching

Spring is in the air - almost. There was a freeze warning last night and this is March. Hello - Mother Nature have you forsaken us Floridians? We don't like the cold.

Yesterday I noticed the delicate pink blossoms on my peach tree. If I check it out this morning will they be crumpled and frozen? Wait, I'm not stepping outside till the sun comes up and warms the earth and my soul. I have to do that thing called 'work' so checking on my buds will have to wait. Wait and see, wait and see, the story of my life lately.

Still battling with the constant lung infections and the downhill slide of my health. Trying, trying, trying to have a positive outlook - like my budding blossoms on my peach tree.

Repeat after me, "This too shall pass." But when? Tonight I shall walk outside and see if Mother Nature wacked my precious peach blossoms and my soul.

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