Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fleece the public

I'm a wee bit jealous of Octo-Mom, Nadya Suleman. How you say? Well it certainly is not from all the negative publicity and death threats she is accumulating. And not the fact that she has 14 children, no job, no home and no reality show offers. Her income is derived from taxpayer monies - like mine. I hear she will be writing a book in the near future.
My green jealousy comes from the fact that she has her nails professionally done in a lovely 'french manicure.' She has no job and no visible means of income and she has her nails done and that does not come cheap.
I work and cannot afford to have my nails done. Something is terribly wrong with this situation. I want nice manicured nails like her. There is no money in my budget for that so I needed to improvise. And that I did or tried.
I purchased the 'do-it-yerself' french manicure kit. The cost was about $7.00. I will go without my afternoon snack at the vending machine for several months. Not using the vending machine is a good thing because it still contains many peanut butter products that should have been removed from society.
With a little gleam in my baby blues I read the directions on the 'french manicure' kit. I followed the directions to the 'T'. Something went drastically wrong. The white polish does not come off tables, toes or skin. I have scrubbed and scrubbed and still the white lumpy polish will not budge.
I am so displeased with this so called easy manicure kit that I almost tossed the whole mess in the trash. Then, I remembered I shelled out $7.00 and had to give up my afternoon treats from the office vending machine.
Perhaps I could ship the 'french manicure' kit to Nadya and she could do her own nails and not use taxpayers money. Perhaps I could quit my job pop out a dozen or more kids and have my nails done by a professional using taxpayers money. Maybe I'll just wear gloves or use a clear nail polish from the dollar store.

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