Monday, February 23, 2009

Emerald City

Sometimes I feel like the Scarecrow on the Wizard of Oz. It's not exactly that I don't have a brain it's just that at times it is non-functional. I forget things, I misplace things, I lose things, I break things (unintentionally) I have brain blanks and CRS.

I try to keep my world organized to help the situation until I get to conference with the Great Wizard of Oz. That is not always easy. The sticky notes I write are eaten by the dog just like my homework. The funny thing is my dog does eat homework, sticky notes and anything edible including plastic toys.

My latest disaster was last night just before dusk when hubby and I went on a bike ride. A harmless task one would think. First I unfolded both of the folding bikes. I didn't realize there is a lock on the handlebars that needs to be set in motion. OOOPS. They held in place with no help from my handy work. Hubby pointed out my mistake when we returned home and I realized my cell phone was missing.

I had placed it in my pocket or did I? I ran through the housing searching. I called my number and listened for it to ring inside the house. I searched for my phone case. Sometimes I clip my case to my waistband. My case was no one to be found that is if I left it in the designated phone case spot.

I jumped in the truck it's now almost dark. I drive frantically while hubby is the lookout man for a black phone case holding a brand new pink cell phone. What if someone picked it up and used all my minutes. I do not have roll over minutes. What if a car rolled over my lovely new pink cell phone. Talk about roll over minutes! So many negative things could have happened to my phone and I thought of them all.

"Stop, go back. I see something in the gutter," yells hubby. I turn the car almost taking down a stop sign to find an orange candy wrapper lying useless on the side of the road.

I turn onto the main road driving at a snails pace and I see a car on my bumper. There's no place to pull over and he's driving like a maniac. If I let him pass he is surely destined to crush my phone with his funny looking tires.

I make a right turn following the path we took on the folding but not unfolded properly route. And we both see a small object in the middle of the road. My Knight in shining arm leaps from the truck and scoops up my new pink cell phone encased in its sturdy black case.

I open the case and run my shaking hands over the shiny pink phone and flip er open. Lights, camera, action - she works. I am sooooo lucky.

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