Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Territorial Terror

We own or are owned by a 100 pound German Shepard. He is not Mr. Nice Guy. He loves his family - I think. Strangers and certain people he has an automatic dislike bulb that goes off in his pea brain. He's not the best behaved canine in the neighborhood. He hates other dogs and cats but co-exists with our cat. We have signs posted on all sides of our fence to warn intruders or others.

Big boy is never left outside unattended. I know his temperament and watch him carefully. Most of the time he is well behaved but you never know.

We were walking the big bruiser last night and when we arrived at our yard we let him off the leash. He likes to do his business in the front yard. Whatever?

Across the street two salesmen going door to door (what a horrible job) and they started to approach our house. Very politely I stated, "Please do not come in our yard. The dog is not friendly."

So is that a simple easy statement? I thought so. The one man started right toward our driveway and said, "I've been trained with dogs."

Not his dog. At this point in time I was a bit annoyed. I reiterated my statement. "Please do not come in my yard. This dog is not friendly."

Hello, what don't you understand? The man mumbled something and kept moving towards us. Hubby grabbed big boy and took him inside without his business being completed. Now, I am in total annoyance with salespeople.

I stated perhaps a little louder since he did not understand my pleasant talk. "Do not come in our yard."

Finally he walked away. This is my home, my yard and my domain. When I tell you to get lost please abide by my wishes. They were selling home security. LOL. I have my own and he weighs 100 pounds.

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