Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home Security

I wonder if yesterday's run in with home security salespeople burnt my brain? Lately I do forget things, get lost in my own neighborhood and put the milk in the cupboard instead of the fridge. My mind is like a sponge, a dried up sea sponge.
We are a little strange in the fact that we lock doors inside our home. Long story that contains too much dirty laundry - family dysfunctions. We lock the one bedroom in our home that we refer to as - the computer room. Yes, it has several computers. He who cannot be named is not allowed in that room and is not allowed to use our computers. Teenagers and computers a nasty viral combination. Moving on!
We have one key to this locked room. Also hubby has all his clothes in that rooms closet. I get the master closet. LOL. The plan is to lock the room when we are not at home and at night when we hit the wonderful memory foam mattress. The important part of that plan is to put the one and only key in its special hiding place. One that we can remember.
Bright and early this morning I went to retrieve the key from that special place. Nothing. I searched the bedroom, the car, under the bed, in my underwear drawer. No key.
I knew right then where I had left the one and only key to the room. Inside the room.
Hubby needed his clothes to go to work and make money so we can try to support ourselves and relatives. And I needed my Internet morning fix.
The room was like Fort Knocks. LOL. No one not even the security team was getting inside that room. The door was not budging. Hubby removed the door handle. Nothing. He brought out the ice pick, the hammer, the crowbar. Nothing.
I'm feeling tremendous guilt for my lack of brain cells. What possessed me to lock the one and only key inside the room?
Finally after lots of banging and cursing hubby opened the door. We no longer have a door knob or a functioning door. I see dollar signs. Hubby walks in points to the one and only key sitting quietly on my desk and says, "There's the key."
He walks away. I can't be expected to remember everything. Perhaps we can purchase one of those spare key rocks and place a second key in there for safe keeping. Then, I would have to remember where I placed the rock.

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