Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

My sweetie gave me my Valentine's gift this morning. It was a book, 'The School on Heart's Content Road', by Carolyn Chute one of my favorite authors. She has not written tons of books and the her first and most recent book took her 20 years each to write. I love her words, style and imagination.

So I get a book for the BIG day and I truly love books but where is the candy? I know I have told him in the past NO candy but that doesn't mean NO chocolate. Why don't guys get it? Women are from earth and guys are from the other side of reality.

So, to console myself I bought Dove chocolates. AAAHHHHHH. Milk chocolate - my favorite. I know I should be eating dark chocolate because dark chocolate makes us healthy - therefore it must have no calories.

Dove chocolate has cute and inspiring words of wit and wisdom on the inside wrapper. Mt first bit of charming inspiration said - 'Dance to the beat of life'. I love those words.

Dance to the beat of life.

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

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