Tuesday, February 3, 2009

What's in your wallet?

Are we drawn to negativity? Is there something in our DNA that points us toward a negative moment in time? Do we find satisfaction from reading about negativity? Do we feel we are better than those who are caught smack in the middle of a negative situation? Why are we so quick to judge someone or something surrounded by negativity?
Negativity sells newspapers. Negativity brings in viewers to television programs. Negativity shows the vulnerability of others. We can watch and condemn others and feel superior.
We survive in a negative world wrought by pain and suffering. We are voyeurs of deception. We view the world through our rose colored lenses and make judgments. We watch as those on top of the pedestal tumble to the ground and are thankful it is not us. We bask in the glory of our anonymity.
If we are surrounded by so much negativity when does it begin to eat away at our spirits? Do we follow the cows to their doom or do we take another path? I am intensely wondering what catches our attention and insulates our thoughts the most?
What’s in your wallet?

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