Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Public Enemy #1

I went to the local hardware store to purchase new keys for the front door. A young man at the key counter was assisting me with the purchase. It was so hard to look directly at this clerk (with a straight face) and make conversation. I looked down, looked up and my eyes strayed to the wonderful display of keys. I made silly comments about the keys and the cost still avoiding his gaze. I toe tapped nervously as he made my keys.
I really wanted to pull a tissue out of my ear and wipe off that booger hanging from his nose. Would that have shattered his confidence? Could I still stand there while he was making my key after I wiped that booger off his face? Such a precarious spot to be in.
Would I want to walk around assisting the customers with a booger on my face? Would a co-worker let me know about my dilemma? Shoulda-coulda - but I just let the episode slip on by with silence. A booger hanging on the face is just not kool.

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