Friday, February 27, 2009

Shower with a friend - save water

My arm is a little sore and tender and my depression is humongous. Woe is me. Get over it!
I was in desperate need of a shower but sort of kind of unable to do it alone. My Knight in Shining Armor (Hubby) to the rescue. I donned the plastic bag on my arm and stepped into his loving arms. Actually I really forced myself on to him and he went with the flow. We have an awesome rain shower thingy in the shower that flows like the monsoons. But also conserves water. I am not water wasteful!
It's wonderful when someone else washes your hair and it's magic when someone you love washes your hair. It sent tingles down my spine - wait that was pain from my lower back. Whatever. A truly exciting experience. The hair washing not the pain in my spine.
I feel refreshed and sparkly clean. Thank you Rob-in-Hood.

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