Sunday, February 15, 2009

Woe is Me

I guess you could refer to me as 'copper top', or 'penny'. The box said dark blonde so I assumed (never do this) that meant dark blonde. Where in this equation does brassy copper red slide in and make me look so clownish.
I've washed my hair three times since this situation and still the brassy red prevails. I've sat in the sun all weekend and still the brassy red shines brightly on my locks. Perhaps after a few more washing and sun sitting the color will fade - just a little. I feel like Little Orphan Annie. Where is Daddy Warbucks?
My favorite phrase - 'this to shall pass', will keep my bottom lip from trembling. I'm afraid the passing will take a long time for my brassy headed mop top to fade into oblivion.
Oh! the embarrassment, the foolishness, the laughs that will scorch my world.
Only your hairdresser knows and the whole wide world also can figure out my predicament.

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