Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flying Rats

I'm walking nonchalantly through the parking lot to buy groceries enjoying the beautiful sunshine and great weather. It's a Florida thing. Puffy white clouds bright sun and a slight gulf breeze were just mesmerizing. I found a parking space close to the door. I'm enjoying life and ignoring the pain in my arm from the surgery. I'm heading to the pharmacy to retrieve my prescriptions to ease the dull arm ache and kill any bad germs that may be attacking my innards.
The fact that I took an entire day off from work also may me giddy.
All of a sudden just like the Alfred Hitchcock movie, 'The Birds', with Tippi Hedron, - they came - out of nowhere. A gigantus flock of them flying ever so low over the parking lot and my head. The ultimate displeasure happened. Plop. Right on my head and dribbling down my face. OMG. The flying rats were dumping their waste right on top of me and it wasn't coming from their beaks. How embarrassing - how demeaning - how disgusting. What to do? I need that medicine and I need it now!
I pondered the situation and realized my pain needed drugs. I strutted right inside the store grabbed several of the wipes that they keep by the front door to remove fecal matter from the grocery carts and I started wiping. Actually I used half of the canister. I did one last wipe of my hands and strolled right up to the prescription drop-off counter. The pharmacist gave me a strange look but I stood my ground. I waited impatiently in line for my prescriptions and ignored the stares and whispers. My payback for taking the entire day off????

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