Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Myth of Sisyphus

I have always thought that a 'bonus' was awarded for achievements. Hard work rolled with extra effort and responsibility were all part of working toward that 'bonus'. Silly me. Some can run a company in the ground and cause undue complications for an entire country and then be rewarded with a bonus. Is this the new math? 1+1 - no longer equals 2.

AIG has a strong resemblance to The Myth of Sisyphus. Realization requires - revolt and that is what we need to accomnplish with this tragedy. I would like to take that rock push it up and over the hill and roll it down on all the masterminds that created the absurity, untruths and evil. Moral responsibility has floated off into the black hole of greed. Now we are compelled to perform the same meaningless task till the end of time. We will be pushing that rock with little success as all those at AIG will be basking in luxury with their bonus.

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