Monday, March 23, 2009

Fleamarket - Curbside

My cul-de-sac looks like an outdoor flea market. It's a good thing today is trash day although I'm not sure they will pick up most of this junk.
My neighbors to the south have a dining room table, chairs and a desk sitting by their curb. Larry, the Mayor of the cul-de-sac has a big screen television by his curb. Perhaps he set it out their for everyone to watch the game? They have regular meetings usually standing in someones driveway discussing world politics. Perhaps their meeting includes watching Syracuse win again.
Blanca has an extremely long hose on her curbside. The landscape guy has boxes of stuff packaged up so nicely. George has a rug rolled up on his curb. The funeral guy has a metal cart by his curb. That's a scary thought as to what he used it for? Tony has a cute little computer desk and I had thoughts of walking next door (after dark) and retrieving it. And we have a huge bookcase with all the shelves parked half on the curb and half on the sidewalk.
One could furnish a home by collecting all the junk left on the curb in my cul-de-sac. It must be a sign of spring cleaning. In New York once a year we had 'big trash' day where the town would come by and pick up anything including cars. Today my cul-de-sac looks like an outdoor flea market or 'big trash ' day in New York. Is this a form of recycling? Is this spring cleaning? Is this really just cleaning out the overstuffed garage so a car will fit inside?

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