Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wash it and they will disappear

You put two perfectly good and dirty socks in the washing machine add your favorite detergent (on sale) and BAMM. One comes out at the end. How does this happen? Where does that one sock disappear? Is there a sock limbo? A sock depository? And why, oh why, is it always one of my favorite socks?

I have plenty of socks that are stretched out and have holes but they never seem to fade into the netherworld. It's always my favorite ones. Wahwahwah.

Is there a sock fairy and I may find new socks beneath my pillow? I have heard there was a tooth fairy but apparently she did not know my pillow address as she never paid me a visit. She did visit my children. Wait, that was me. There is no tooth fairy which leads me to believe there is no sock fairy and I will never-ever again see my beloved sock. I could buy new ones. I could remove the interior of my washing machine in search of the derelict sock but then that would invalidate the warranty. If the washing machine became dysfunctional during my search I could replace the old dull boring white machine with a bright red steam machine. The cute little washers that have that round glass door in front and sit up on a pedestal.

I guess I will just buy myself new socks. Certainly will be cheaper than rearranging the guts of the washing machine. I still wonder - where do they go?

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