Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mucus Management

I've just hit day 8 of my couch/congestion/sore throat/bronchial mucus/cold and I feel like a zombie gone mad. I've tried just about every over-the-counter cure all I can find. I have tried my own concoctions and that of neighbors. I haven't slept all night in days. My nose is plugged and the smell of morning coffee still eludes me. My eyes are puffy and red but they match the end of my red raw nose. And I'm even using Puffs tissues. My mucus is disgusting and clumpy. My cough grates on my nerves like fingers running down a chalkboard. Funny thing is whiteboards have replaced the chalkboards.
I am no better off now after taking all of this stuff. It's been a week of hell. Isn't that the timeline - a week? Trying desperately to ward off a doctors visit with my own brand of medicine. Gullibility. Perhaps I should have taken the plunge and seen my doctor.
My pocketbook is a lot slimmer. Those over-the -counter meds do little to eradicate those nasty cold germs. It would have been cheaper to see my doctor.
Thinking about drug companies I'm sure they are not in a recession. Do-it-yourself medications are pricey and ineffective. Check out the pharmaceutical area in any store and it goes on for miles and miles. Cures for colds, backaches and so many other maladies. Big bucks are in the pockets of the manufacture but I'm still sick. Why do I buy all this STUFF? Why don't I get better at the 7 day mark?
It's good to know that I and so many others keep the drug companies in the profit zone.

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