Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Business Bust

I'm a little confused (more so than normal) disenchanted (my bubble is bursting) and sad. My new business venture may not be profitable. I had devised my new business venture after years of camping in the rain. I know that every time I go camping (tent camping) it rains. We can have a drought for months and the very weekend I put up that tent the downpour begins.
So I thought I could start a rain making business and travel from town to town, set up my tent and the rain would come. I would have charged big bucks to perform this ritual. I would receive gigantic bonus's just like all the AIG suits. A term I learned while working for a large company. I also learned never to call one of the important guys 'the suits'. Unfortunately this will not be my lifestyle and the plans for this news business have been tucked away in the back recesses of my mind.
Today on the local news weather report they are calling for a 30% chance of rain and I will not be going camping. Someone does not want my business venture to succeed and it is not the government but that cruel friend Mother Nature.

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