Monday, March 30, 2009

Need a Snake Charmer

Yesterday the garage door was left open. It was not I that left it open. I have left it open in the past but never for very long. I will not point fingers at the individual that left it open. There are three of us that live in this lovely home with a two car garage with no room for a bicycle let alone a car. One individual that lives here is on vacation in another state and I who live here did not leave it open. Do the math.
So wonderful hubby is working frantically y in the garage around his workbench. I ask him, "What's up?" and he replies, "I'm trying to get this snake out of the garage."
Okay back inside the house for me. We have black racers (biguns) that visit occasionally but they usually stay on the patio or in the lanai. The garage is just way too close to my living space to feel comfortable.
Do we know if Mr. Black Racer has left the premises? No. Did I sleep last night? No. I had nightmares about him sneaking through he dog door sliding right past the sleeping dog and slip beneath my closed bedroom door. I then had a vision of him slinking up into my bed and sucking out all of my blood. Wait that would be a vampire. Whatever!
I vow to never set foot in the garage again. How the laundry will get done is beyond me. I am terrified of snakes and now there is one lurking in my home.

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